Things to consider before starting a Kitchen Remodel


Things to consider before starting a Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is the core of your home — a special place where you discuss your day, make weekend plans, most importantly have a meal with your family. A sparkling new kitchen can be the centerpiece of your home and it will expand the value of your land. Just like in life, a kitchen also needs a new look. But before going forward with your kitchen remodeling project, you need to invest some serious amount of time planning what your needs and budgeting. Apart from this, you need to feed yourself with the right knowledge and learn about the various possibilities for a precious kitchen space. Our team of renovation experts at Wall2Wall has curated some of the most required (or even sufficient) lists of to-do’s which you can count on during your kitchen remodeling task.


Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets (cupboards) take a great deal of hard-core exploitation consistently and are frequently seen to be loose and broken on their pivots which gives the entire kitchen a old feel.  If the cabinet has turned dull and shady then you can consider a DIY project of painting and polishing them instead. Ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cupboards are available in a custom pack with all the equipment required for fixing it together. The RTA kitchen saves you a substantial amount of money but adds labor. The cost saved here can be utilized in expanding and redesigning other much-complicated parts of the kitchen area.



A kitchen backsplash is the layer of tiles or other material on the wall between the countertop and the cabinets. You can customize the theme of your kitchen by working a great deal on just the backsplash. Strong materials, for example, metal and stone can be utilized to an incredible impact. Tiny mosaic patterns, embossed ceramic, non-tile options such as beadboard paneling can also be a wise choice for kitchen backsplash.



Being creative with the lightning while renovating your kitchen will be the most brilliant and critical way to embark a new aura to your space. The ideal impact can be accomplished by blending and coordinating various options at various spots in the kitchen. There are numerous ideas on lighting which you can look for to achieve a perfect glimpse during the kitchen renovation. Golden lights, white lights, fluorescent bulbs, etc. can be a wise choice. Try to introduce dimmers in the kitchen if you often plan for some eating get-together with your loved ones.



Floors are that part of a kitchen with experiences the most wear and tear. Being just a point of the eye-catching design won’t serve the purpose, instead, durability counts to be a more important factor when you choose the type and texture for a perfect flooring. Hardwood flooring is one of the best standards for kitchen flooring. You may even go with a new modern engineered flooring option which is basically a combination of various layers with a wooden layer at the top.


Kitchen Countertops

Countertops are the flat horizontal surface in the kitchen generally present above the cabinetries where you perform most of your work like cutting, blending, cooking, etc. A granite or quartz layer as a countertop which is in perfect contrast with the rest of the cabinetries will serve the purpose. If you are on a tight budget but still want to achieve the best quality for the countertop then formica is questionably the thing you should look for.


Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can be meant as a casual eating zone for the children or it can go as an extra seating arrangement in your kitchen area while you are cooking and serving the food to your family simultaneously. Apart from adding a purpose for the sitting, the kitchen island can also be useful as a storage area and to accommodate some other functionalities in your kitchen space. Have a smaller kitchen area but still don’t want to compromise with having a great kitchen island? A movable kitchen island will help you get it done. It allows you to utilize the maximum space of your kitchen while cooking and then roll and move the island to a place where you want to have your dining.


Need help renovating your kitchen?

While hunting around and looking for the best ways in which you can renovate your kitchen to make it aesthetically pleasing, it can be quite a tedious and time-consuming task, especially when you have no expert support or any professional guidance. Considering this ultimate limitation for the people, Wall2Wall Construction, located in Bay Point, CA, has brought an exclusive FREE kitchen design session. We will present you with an accurate blueprint of your dream kitchen design matching your vision and taste. Not only would it save you about $500 but also guarantee a 3D replica of your dream space in the easiest way possible. Getting custom remodeling design advice, expert style and color sessions, measurements, and estimates are now for FREE. If you are still stuck with your decision to go ahead with kitchen remodeling work just because of financial constraints, then we have an amazing bonus offer for you. You can choose our kitchen renovation financing option, where we will provide you with the best loan and financing options suited to match your budget.


Curious enough to make it happen quickly? Well, your new remodeled kitchen space is just a click away. Click the link: to book a FREE spot for you and our support team will get in touch with you at the earliest. 

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